I subscribed to Practical Fish Keeping magazine a few months ago and got a Superfish Wave 15 litre tank as a free gift (not bad for a subscription gift!) It took ages for the tank to be delivered but finally, after several months, it has arrived. It doesn't have a heater yet but I've ordered one that fits the tank.

I've been keeping the moss trimmings from my other two tanks and growing them on in a salad bowl (under a bedside lamp!) I was going to keep the tank as a hospital tank, but I figured that I'd put the moss in the new tank and run it in the kitchen (much to my fiancé's dispair at me setting up tank number 3!).

Here's the tank. It's been filled with water to check for leaks. Seems ok (although I haven't left it for any substantial period of time). Substrate is basically what I have in the cupboard...so a spare box of Dennerle Deponit mix (soil) went in as an underlayer.

I do like the LED lights on this tank - although annoyingly you cannot fit a timer to it. Cutting the power and switching back on (as a timer would) does not reset the lights to "on" so it wouldn't work. My only bugbear so far.

Capped off with Dennerle inert shrimp substrate. This stuff came with my nano shrimp tank but I didn't use it.

I've not got any further with the set-up as I'm currently boiling a piece of spare bog wood (that refuses to sink!) I'd like to put it in and arrange it properly before filling with water as it will save any disturbance of the soil underlayer.