Hi Everyone,

My name is Marni and I'm new to this forum. I run a science room at my daughter's elementary school and recently someone offered to donate their pet Pufferfish to our room. I have some concerns about this as I know the puffers can be toxic. Since we don't plan to let anyone eat the fish , I am thinking it would make a fine classroom pet, but I don't seem to be able to find any answers online re: how dangerous it might be to just touch the fish's skin (I am thinking of accidental contact between the fish and the person who would need to periodically clean the tank).

I am also wondering if pet stores wouldn't keep fish that were raised in an environment free of the neurotoxin bacteria, thereby rendering them harmless.

The person who is donating the fish is a stranger to me, claims to have bought the fish at a local pet shop and is giving it up b/c he's moving to a smaller apt. and won't have room for it.

Any info anyone can give me would be most appreciated. Thank you.