Well so you can get an Idea of what it will cost to get a planted tank similar in size to yours running.

$280.00 on my tank and stand setup. (I feel like I did alright on that aspect, I know some spend hundreds...)
$145.00 on my Eheim 2217
$120.00 on Odyssea quad t5 with plant lights.
$100.00 +/- on sand. (bio-active Cichlid sand)
$40.00 on heater.
$60.00 on driftwood.
$35.00 on a powerhead-circulation pump.(real low setting)

Then you need to stock with fish and figure out which plants you will use. I have about $150-200 in fish and probably $30 in plants to date. But I have been adding a few plants every week.

Roughly $1000.00 in my current setup before food, fertilizers (wet-dry) and other miscellaneous items that we all know I am missing.