Sorry not trying to sound arrogant or unappreciate of the advice. I want to learn and really like the idea of keeping fish. And I appreciate that you have long time working knowledge that is why I came here.

I guess in post you miss alot of the back storey which can be deciving or leave bits out. Long story shortened the gold fish were aquired by a friend that was taking down her tank with the plan that they will be going to a pond but he wanted to wait until summer to add them. Stupid on my part now the the temp thing was pointed out he is going to be taking them sooner to a cool water tank he has so that will be taken care of. I was trying to cycle my tank and the advise I got from my dad was a couple of fish to cycle was how he has done it it the past. So I thought it would help the homeless gold fish out and cycle my tank at the same time. But then I got to over zealous and started adding fish to quickly...
As for the sharks the tank they are ultimalty destined for is almost complete, its a custom tank 130” wide x 45” deep x 40” Tall. Being filled in the next few days and started up. I dont know how many gallons that is, but I would think that would be big enough. It looks massive. But they are much to tiny at 1 inch to go there yet, they would be eaten by his bigger fish he has. The site I was looking at was
When every one has left to their permenet spots I will be left with the pictus, raphael, and a pleco in the 150 gallon. Which should be here next week some time for cleaning and start to look at setting it up.
Sorry if I was being over sensitive but I have a plan... and its not loosey goosey of one day I can afford... I have the tank its just a work in process. And I dont want to always badger my dad with every question I have and wanted to be apart of a communitiy and start to build my own knowledge as well.