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Not necessarily true depending on the filter...I have been using cartridge filters for a while and the Aqueons have this plastic stuff that never comes out with a ton of surface area for BB growth. You do lose some of it in the cartridge but as long as you don't ever clean off the plastic casings in there (blue pieces if its aqueon) then you should be ok. Also don't change those nearly as often as the package suggest just rinse the cartridge off in tank water.

That being said, to help out you can do what i just did to my larger aqueon and get a media bag with small filter media pieces and stick it in behind where the cartidge fits, or modify the cartridge to remove the carbon & replace wqith crushed traditional filter media so you can effectively never replace it and never deal with loss/partial loss of cycle. From what I read more surface areas that is never removed/disintegrated without affecting flow the better.

That stock list is wild though even if it's temporary.
I'm not to sure that I am understanding you correctly. What exactly is this "plastic stuff" that never comes out ???