Well I made it, I hope.
I have a 20 gallon tank and have 2 goldfihs, 2 irredesent sharks, 1 pictus, 1 pleco, 1 rapheal catfish.
I thought I had done the cycle with my two gold fish for 3 weeks...
I found out the hard way and my tank hit 10 for my nitrites and 200 for the nitrates.. for a week it sat this high.
I was doing half water changes everyday.
It started to come down and I changed the filter (cartridge) and vacumed the tank with my water change and it spiked again to the highest levels on the stirps.
Then over night it went down to 1 and 40.
And then the next day 0 and 0.
Its been good like this for a week. I think I was over feeding as well during all this and started to be a bit stingy with the food.
Does this mean I am through the cycling and I am good now?