Yeah, I was just curious. Mine is always a temporary setup on the floor, because I have no room for a permanent QT. That's why I'll typically QT for 2 weeks (if that). I work with what I got, when I got it. ;P My 10gal QT is usually in my basement storage closet. Depending on how long and for what reason I'll be using the QT for, I'll pull a sponge filter from the 75gal.

Yep, I'm not the best go-to for QT readiness and procedure. Also, depending on what illness/disease my fish has from an established tank, I may or may not QT. Sometimes I've found that the stress of moving a sick fish from one tank to another will worsen their symptoms, rather than just treating the sick individual in the main tank, and sometimes it doesn't hurt to treat the whole tank, in a preventative measure, just in case whatever sickness it has, may have spread already.

Yep, I'm THAT guy!