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    Thank you very much! I usually feed NLS once a day. I had been feeding frozen bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, and freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex worms in the past, feeding one type of food once a day and rotating through. But, over the past few months I got away from that and just fed the NLS, mostly for ease-of-feeding.

    Since I saw your post I started feeding twice, with NLS and one of the freeze-dried foods or frozen bloodworms as well, each day. I don't know if I'm looking into it too much, but it does seem like the female is more active and out more in the past few days.

    I will also keep in mind to have slightly cooler water for water changes, and keep the tank around 82F. I do have a separate 10 gallon I can move fry to. If I get a couple spawns a year I'll be happy; so no need for multiple batches of fry frequently! I didn't think of moving them when they were that little, at the wriggler stage. I was thinking of waiting til they were free-swimming and a little bigger, thinking they would be too sensitive to move when they are that small. It sounds like once I see wrigglers, though, it is ok to move them?

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    I move when they still have yolks... To easy for parents to eat or other tank mates.. at night is when that normally happens too.

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    Sorry for not finding my way back to this thread sooner. If your rams reached maturity around christmas 2011 than age can be a factor in this. Rams often have a rather short reproductive life. They can usually reproduce until 2, 2.5 years of age, sometimes later. It is however not uncommon for them to hit their reproductive peak at around 18 months of age or so. This might be what have happened to yours considering that they have been adults for a year or so. They still should be able to reproduce but it will take more to condition them into doing so.
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