I have a pair of GBR's in my 30 gallon community planted tank. When I first got them, they spawned within a month. This spawn got to the free-swimming stage, then all disappeared. They spawned a few more times over the following months, with the same results.

I had been feeding them crushed flakes the first couple spawns, then "First Bites" the last couple. I purchased Walter worms to trying feeding them with after that, but they have not spawned since. I feed all the fish in the tank now with Walter worms on occasion...thinking maybe having a food source there will encourage another spawn.

The running theory is that with all the community fish activity, the pair is giving up and eating the fry. I have never seen it happen, so it could be anything. They do all disappear over 1-2 days.

Now, the female usually hides among the plants and the male swims throughout the tank, and if she approaches him he chases her away. Her colors are mostly drab (I imagine from the chasing/hiding), though she occassionally has a red belly and egg tube showing, but no spawns as a result.

Any idea on how I could get a successful spawn in this tank with this pair? Photos of the tank and also the pair with their first fry are attached (the plants have changed slightly since then, but mostly its like in the photo).

baby rams.jpg30 gallon community aquascape.jpg