It has been a while since I was last here but this forum has always been the best so I am back again for your great advice. I recently emptied my 150gal tank to replace the flooring in that room and are now considering cutting it over from a river pebble bottom to a sand bottom and I am wonder what would be best sand/grain for the fish I currently have and anybody's good/bad experiences going to sand.

The tank set-up is currently two ehiem 2217 cans(no bottom pickup) and a whisper 30-60 HOB for carbon, two air pumps for aeration and the fish currently in the tank are a jack dempsey, green terror, tiger oscar, and a firemouth.. Most of these fish are pretty old and are starting to pass away so once they do I would like to get some Peacock Bass and run them. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.