This is my first post so I hope I've put it in the right place.

I have recently purchased a cheap second hand Juwel Rio 240. I found that the pump is broken with a chunk missing from the plastic housing that fits to the rubber inlet part. Apparently this is the old type that has a 'D' shape connector to the filter rather than the newer diamond shape. I've been quoted 50 to replace the pump which seems reasonable considering how cheap I got the tank but I do have some doubts as to the condition of the filter as a whole and the potential cost of replacing the pads too. I got thinking... for that kind of money I could get a whole new pump and filter by a different manufacturer.

So are Juwel pumps and filters any good? Should I fix up the one I have or look for an alternative? I found these which were highly rated on Amazon

All Pond Solutions 1000EF - External

All Pond Solutions 1200IF - cheap internal

I'm open to suggestions but still trying to keep my costs down so an Eheim is probably out of my range for the time being so
I'd rather go 'basic' and upgrade later when I've got a better idea of what I'm doing.

Advice welcome