Congrats on adopting your cat! I'm sorry you had to deal with all the health issues...that's a bit overwhelming all at once when your expectation was that you had a healthy animal. I'm glad to read that she's improving though!

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I recently read an article about cats and drinking water. Apparently there is some study that points to the cat feeling that water near the food may be contaminated/unclean for drinking and that moving the water dish to a secondary location increases the amount of water they drink, because they see it as more potable.

Not sure if its true, or just we pay attention that they are drinking more since we have started testing out this theory at our house.

On the scale of "utter crap" to "totally true" meter of possible it falls in the "well it doesn't cost anything more to try it out" so... we are trying it out.

Well, that explains why both of ours will drink out of the fish tanks, the toilets, the watering can and NEVER out of their water bowl.