It looks like our Sake may have worse dental issues than we expected...I noticed that after she went in for another round of vaccinations she went off her food. I always feed dry and rarely some can, she went from eating 1/3-1/2 cup of her food a day to maybe a tablespoon or so of food. Well I decided to wait it out considering the vaccines can sometimes put them off food. I noticed today while giving her some treats she just had a lot of difficulty eating them, so I got her down and examined her mouth more closely. One of her main back teeth is chipped. I gave her some can food and she has eaten about 1/2 a can or so...and appears to be in better spirits now.

We also have more pet drama to new neighbors found a small orange tabby on their patio. They asked if I wanted it considering they are allergic. It has a badly damaged rear leg and some random injuries. I spoke with the rescue whom I was getting the FIV calico from to see if she would take it in. She agreed to provide vet care and try to get its leg fixed or possibly amputated. She asked if I would be willing to take the cat if it could be rehabilitated to a point where it would be a house pet. Currently it can not properly clean itself or use the box properly due to the drags the leg through the fecal matter and cannot clean its rear. Depending on how all this pans out we may have 3 special needs kitties instead of just 2.