As some of you know I recently adopted a Siamese/Himalayan mix who has been renamed Sake. Shortly after bringing her home she developed cold like symptoms. I took her into the vet for a routine exam and to get her symptoms addressed. Vet did a full work up and discovered that she is FIV positive. She also had an upper respiratory, fleas, tapeworm, and roundworms....thank you local humane society for tending to animals. She has responded very well to treatment and looks much much better in only a week. I know many of you also own cats, so I am wondering if any of you have experience with FIV+ animals. I have done a ton of research and discovered that the diagnosis in a lot of reference does not seem to be a big issue at all. I do know that dental problems are common, thus we are doing dental treats, adding cleaning drops to her water and using some teeth cleaning swabs a few times per week. Her diet is Blue Buffalo Wilderness...and she does get some "human" food. Any other FIV owners out there? How has your pets health been, and have they had any other issues?