Hey AC! So, for a good while now I have been desiring a pond in my backyard. I am a resourceful person, and after browsing the web and local stores I was very annoyed at the price of pond paraphernalia; Lining, skimmers, filters etc. So, I have decided to take on the task of building a pond with as little "pond specific" items as possible, as well as keep it as low cost as possible. I have a concept for a biological filter I devised in the lab, as well as a good idea of what the plumbing will consist of, how to build the skimmer, and the waterfall return back into the body of the pond. I hope to have the pond looking as natural as possible, basically someone picked up a pond w/ a waterfall and set it in my backyard, and plan on having it well planted. This leads into my first question, will koi eat enough of the flora for it to be detrimental to the longevity of the plant? Or, if the pond could achieve a harmonious balance between koi and plants? For a liner, I was planning on using sheets of polyethylene or polystyrene layered over carpet cushions scraps. I would then rock the bed and walls of the pond with random rocks I "found".

I conclusion, does anybody have any suggestions on how to raise the waterfall on level ground? And lastly, any suggestions on pumps to use? Basically all the green vegetation is where the pond will be, up until the beehive. (I will upload a pic ASAP)

Thank you, and bear with my English, it's from Google translate.