A month or so back, I posted about my fish acting strangely. It was only the black neon tetras and the tiger barbs. They were darting around the tank and nipping each other and swarming in little groups, and generally displaying erratic and hyper behavior. I was confused. I knew it wasn't business as usual, but I chalked it up to fish just being weird....it does happen.

This morning, I finally caught a glimpse of what was going on. It happened so fast, it was like a blink of an eye. The Black Neons were releasing eggs and the tiger barbs knew it and were waiting and eating. The small black neon would fly by and nip the large female neon, which would then turn her body really fast and forcefully release eggs. The tiger barbs would swarm and every egg was gone before they even started sinking.

So the neons were frenzied due to spawning, and the tiger barbs were frenzied because they knew food was coming and they are filthy pigs! haha