Hi all, sorry I haven't posted in a while.

I have never had an experience with external filters before now and would be grateful for any advice please.

Two days ago our Juwel Rio 400 tank decided to burst flooding the entire room! Amazingly we have managed to save all of our 100+ community fish. They are now all in temporary homes and seem to be happy.

Yesterday I went to Maiden Head Aquatics and seen a 5 foot oak tank which I hopefully will be getting. It was there they opened our eyes to the world of external filters. They recommended the Aquamanta EFX400 model which seemed superb. However on returning home and researching online I have got lost in looking at them. People seem to have different opinions on which size I will need for the 400litre tank. Some people stating they use up to 2400LPH models

Any advice will be appreciated!!
Thanks in advance
King regards