I have moved my Silver Arowana to a 63 Gallon in the hall, (he was in my study room previously).
So the tank in my room is empty for now, it is a 11 Gallon and I have another 1 Gallon tank that I previously used to house feeder fish for the Aro.

I have moved all the feeders to from my 1 Gal to my 11 Gal, which kind of broke my heart as I think it is too large for having feeder fish, I only have 10-15 of them at any given time and my Aro eats 2 of them per day.

I have always wanted to have a Black Ghost Knife fish, it has fascinated me since childhood.

The only ones available in the shop are at a size of 3 inches.

So what would be your choice,
1. Transfer feeder fish back to the 1 Gal.
2. Add the BGKF to the 11 Gal feeder tank that has mollies and GF. I have only mollies or Goldfish at any given time( not fancy GF).
3. Move the BGKF to the 1 Gallon and then plan once he grows bigger.
4. Transfer feeder fish back to the 1 Gal and add the BGKF to the 11 Gal.
5. Skip the idea

Question can the defend themselves from mollies and goldfish, or would they be harmful to both mollies and GF.

Any ideas would be great