Hi guys, I have a favor to ask, I have no skilled or reliable sources in my area to ask two questions about my 400liter freshwater aq. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me:
A: does my tank's variety of fish work in terms of compatibility and temperament?
B: can I add more fishez and what can I add to compliment and remain harmonious?

My fish are:

Corydora, Albino: 3
Corydora, Copper: 2
Corydora, Salt n Pepper: 1
Corydora, Panda: 1
Angel fish: 4
Albino Rainbow Shark: 1
Sailfin Plecostumos: 2
Khuli Loach: 7
Convict Chiclids: 3
Columbian Tetras: 10
Head and Tail Tetras: 5
Penguin Tetras: 3
Albino Tetras: 5
Dwarf Glassfish: 3
Fancy Guppies: 2
Zebra Danios: 4
Cherry Danios: 4
Total: 60

Much appreciated and awaiting comments