Hi everyone!

As some of you may already know, I am about to jump head first into Discus care. I have read the stickies, and I THINK I have a good foundation to start with. Although I do believe that, I know that you just can't beat what people with experience can tell you. I'd like for all you with Discus to weigh in on this if you can. :)

Here's the plan:

75g tank + the current stock in my 55g (see sig)

Possible bare bottm with rock, driftwood, and anchoring/floating plants like Java moss.

5 Discus fish to be stocked as follows-- 1, then 2, then 2. (Because I just CAN'T afford to do more than two at a time, IF that)
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

Current tank specs:

My levels are always great! With my current stock my levels still read 0,0,0 at 5 days after a W/C.

PH is 7.2 I know this isn't ideal, BUT I do not plan on breeding. In fact, I don't want them to breed.

My fish receive flakes, bloodworms, shrimp, ciclid pellets.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

I can't think of any other relevant information, so here is where you guys give me your opinions and advice on what I should do. Should I alter my plans in any way? What risks am I taking by stocking at those intervals, and so on.