2013-01-29 01.43.01.jpg

Hello, I'm Tinder and I am a new aqua hobbyist. That is my tank above.

10 Gal

I have unknowingly overcrowded my tank I believe, but its contents are as follows

5 aquatic plants, small but i hope they will grow larger

1 Gold Mystery snail
1 Ghost Shrimp
1 Spotted Catfish
2 Swordtails (male and female. this I will never do again, considering i needed 2 more females and the male harasses her.)
1 Hi-fin Tetra
2 Platys
2 Mollys (i already know that i should have gotten 2 more Platys instead, so they could school)
1 Red-fin rainbow shark

the tank has both heater and filter and goes between 77 and 78 degrees.

Another newbie mistake I made was to not properly cycle the tank so my Nitrite and Ammonia levels are growing, but im balancing that out bu changeing 2 gallons a day and used a Bio-start to try and quicken the process. So what do you guys think? I will update a full WQ stats as soon as I decide to pull out the test kit again in the morning.