A lot of possible categories I could post this in, so I'll just post it here.
Ok! Let's start at the beginning. About 1.5 months ago, I only had 40 gallons of filtration for my 30 gallon tank. My nitrate readings were through the roof by the time I would do my water changes on the weekends, around 80 to 120 ppm. I had a very low stock at that point, with 3 harlequins and 5 black neons, and there hadn't been any deaths for months, despite high readings. Over those few months, my wisteria grew at its own will, with some root tabs by API supplemented occasionally. The only propagation I would do was when the wisteria would grow so tall and block out light (from the cheap t8 17 watt general effect aqueon bulb I have) to the leaves growing below that were starting to wilt, brown, and sometimes eventually fall off. But if I kept up in my plant maintenance, this wouldn't happen. I always had good growth in the wisteria with no other problems. I then upped my stock to a clown pleco and 7 total harlequin rasboras. It was also brought to my attention that with a pleco, I should get more filtration. So I got a good deal on an aquaclear 50 for $27 off amazon, and installed it. I now had 90 gallons of filtration for a 30 gallon tank, plus an air bubbler in the corner.
The effects on my nitrate were enormous. I kept up with the water change schedule, and my nitrates are always below 20 ppm, maybe even 10 ppm by the end of the week, even with the pleco. However, something odd is happening to my wisteria leaves. The leaves, primarily the ones closest to the substrate, on almost all my wisteria plants, are turning transparent. I'm not sure why. My only thinking is that now that the nitrate is so low, there isn't enough for the plants. Is this true? I have no other explanation. So, I've decided to make a DIY yeast/sugar CO2 injector. Will this improve the transparency of the leaves? I'm making the one on this thread, http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aqua...ad.php?t=40775
and currently waiting for the silicone to dry. I'm using this silicone, which I believe to be okay since the silicone never touches any aquarium water.http://www.epicsignsonline.com/Silic...C-SILICONE.htm
So in short, how will this injector affect my wisteria specifically, will they green up more, become more luscious, less transparent, taller, whatever. Also, why are they transparent in the first place? Pics may be available if anyone thinks they are needed and when I get the time.