So tonight I went out and got myself two lovely female bettas on my way home from work. I ll post pics of them when they get use to me and start to pose for the camera. I am not sure if I over paid for these ladies. They cost me $4.99USD each, is this too much? I usually shop around but I didn't feel like running around today. Feeling a bit under the weather.

I added a DeepBlue betta heat stick( which I hate). It is only temporary until I find something better, Im in no rush and neither is my wallet It works fine keeping the water at 80 deg F.

I also set up the AquaClear 20 that has been running on my 30gallon for the last 2 month.

The last thing I added was this cool little glass planter that I found on Ebay. It is currently empty. I'm not sure what to do with it, but it looks awesome lol. Not sure if it goes well in this tank. I am open to suggest. Its called NAG-aqua music Aquarium Tank Mini Crystal Glass Pot, such a long name for such a tiny thing. It cost me $15, but I am happy with it even though I have no idea what and where to use it with. Here are some pics of it.

oh you can see one of the girls in this pic. I also added Marimo moss balls. I believe moss in very important for dwarf shrimp. I did not want to deal with loose java moss or having to it down. I am trying to keep this tank as simple and minimalist as possible.

I probably will eventually plant something in it like Hemianthus callitrichoides(baby dwarf tears). That would give the future shrimp a second level of grazing. I am just worried that it might distract to much from the rock garden. IDK.

I am also planning on getting a white background. I think this will make the rocks and plants POP. What do you guys think?