Hello everyone and anyone who stops by to check out this thread.

Well in case you don't know I have a severe case of MTS like many of you in this wonderful community. Since there is no known cure for MTS my girlfriend had to step in and I was forbidden from getting anymore tanks. As it turns out my girlfriend is an enabler and got me a Fluval ebi tank for Christmas( good thing I gave up on trying to understand the female mind or else my head would have exploded). I jumped for joy and proclaimed my ever lasting love to my gf and dwarf shrimp lol.

Enough intro now for the fun stuff. I decided to attempt an Iwagumi stlye tank. Iwagumi means rock formation in Japanese. Iwagumi traditionally is used to describe a Japanese rock garden( google it, very interesting stuff). A Iwagumi aqua scape needs at least 3 stones, with one big stone for the focal point. 1 or 2 kinds of plants in order to keep the focus on the stones rather then the plants. Of course these are only guidelines and all aquas capes are open to artistic interruption.

AquaClear 20
Eheim Jager 50 watts (need to find a smaller heater)
Fluval CFL 13 watt( might get a second one)

Fluval Plant Stratum 8.8lbs (bottom)
Fluval Shrimp Stratum 4lbs (top)

3x Petrified wood

Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae(micro swords)-mid to back ground
Echinodorus tenellus(pygmy chain sword-mid to front ground

Betta fish-temporarily kept to keep cycle until I get dwarf shrimp in March
Dwarf shrimp
Nerite snails