Hi All,

Back from a week in Vegas and getting ready for my next project. Happy to announce that my 10 year old did a great job taking care of the 55g while I was out. A few things to report since my last couple of posts:
  • Algae problem is well under control now with the addition of the ottos.
  • Plants are thriving (light doses of Excel and added flourish tabs)
  • Fish are all active and healthy

I have been on the looking for my next project. I had been trying to land a deal on a 92 gallon corner bow front but that does not look like it is going to happen. I have located many 75, 90, and 125's. A 125 long would be a bit much, from a space point of view. I did find a 120 Cube for a hundred bucks, tempted but not sure what to do with it. I think the dimensions are 30x30x31 so it is a deeper tank. Still would want to do a freshwater planted tank will need stronger lighting to reach the bottom. What kind of fish would do well in there?