To hopefully put an end to this, I should have added that I'm not against people doing 50% or larger water changes. I just didn't agree with this:

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the minimum recommend amount, regardless of your nitrate level, is 50%.
To say that 50% is required NO MATTER WHAT is just asinine. If I have a single neon in a 90g heavily planted tank, I still need to do 50% water changes? NO. As Cliff said, different people have different methods, and it depends largely on the type and number of fish, as well as the various types of filters being used (denitrators, plants, etc.). I personally prefer to keep a heavily planted and relatively lightly stocked tank that gets a water change yearly. I'm sure many don't agree with this, but I hold that my tank is still more natural than non-planted heavily stocked tanks that get massive water changes. I don't want to start a flame-war here but if you find it necessary, feel free to pm me.

Brhino, have you tested the water today for ammonia?