Got a free tank and the girlfriend want to be invalved more that usuall. She has given me a list of fish she would like to have and well alot of people is gonna hate. She is the one that wants multiple schools. So with a trail and error, failed attempts with trying to get a non meal and a non fin nipper she has found several tetras she likes. they are Rummynose, bleeding hearts and buenos aires. She wants a gold gourami and a powder blue dwarf but I explained that only one gourami can be in it; she choose the gold, since we having been planning to get one anyway. She also wants a few loaches and a albino BN to replace our late great dear pet shadrack. so are these number descent. It will be filtrated by 1x fluval C and one AC70, pretty much same filter except they are use space differant.

12x Rummynose
8x bleeding hearts
8x Aires tetras
1x Gold G
1x BN pleco

she wants loaches but have no clue on any good kind to get, so I am open to all ideals, I like clowns but i have seen some monster 12''ers so that is a no go. thank you...

ps.. yes yes she like the differant schools so that probably wont change, but if it keeps her in the fish