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Hybrid View

  1. Default Gfs own 55 tank, tetra madness

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    Got a free tank and the girlfriend want to be invalved more that usuall. She has given me a list of fish she would like to have and well alot of people is gonna hate. She is the one that wants multiple schools. So with a trail and error, failed attempts with trying to get a non meal and a non fin nipper she has found several tetras she likes. they are Rummynose, bleeding hearts and buenos aires. She wants a gold gourami and a powder blue dwarf but I explained that only one gourami can be in it; she choose the gold, since we having been planning to get one anyway. She also wants a few loaches and a albino BN to replace our late great dear pet shadrack. so are these number descent. It will be filtrated by 1x fluval C and one AC70, pretty much same filter except they are use space differant.

    12x Rummynose
    8x bleeding hearts
    8x Aires tetras
    1x Gold G
    1x BN pleco

    she wants loaches but have no clue on any good kind to get, so I am open to all ideals, I like clowns but i have seen some monster 12''ers so that is a no go. thank you...

    ps.. yes yes she like the differant schools so that probably wont change, but if it keeps her in the fish

  2. #2


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    well, the tank might not exactly be a beauty with all the schools, but at least each species has an adequate number of conspecifics.

  3. Default

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    sounds good to me. You could probably add larger numbers to those schools. What about yoyo loaches?
    4ft mbuna mangaino and yellows
    4ft rainbow tank
    4ft planted community
    16g nano planted shrimp and neon tetras
    10g nano reef

  4. Default

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    haha its gonna be an off the wall rainbow, lol and i will look at the yoyos

  5. #5


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    Doesn't sound bad to me. She only has 3 species other than the Gold Gourami and all are in schools large enough to be called a school. Much, much better than a 29 gallon with 9 species of fish of all sorts? I would not have gotten a gold gourami as they tend to be the most aggressive of the gourami's (golds and the 3-spots that are really the same fish). But, it may work out for you just fine.

    My 55 gallon is pretty boring. I have one silver and gray angel, 23 silver and gray black skirts, 6 gray cory's. NO COLOR anywhere!

  6. Default

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    Thank you hobbs. If the GG is a terror, I have a few spare tanks. Both of us just love the golds

  7. #7


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    I haven't seen that you have cycled those filters yet? If not, what method will you use? Otherwise, all your fish will die.
    Knowledge is fun(damental)

    A 75 gal with eight Discus, fake plants, and a lot of wood also with sand substrate. Clean up crew is down to just two Sterba's Corys. Filters: continuous new water flow; canister w/UV, in-tank algae scrubber!! Finally, junked the nitrate removal unit from hell.

    For Fishless cycling:

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