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Thread: Discouraged

  1. Unhappy Discouraged

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    Hi Everyone,

    I started this journey back in August of 2012, my 20 gallon long, trial by fire and a with fish cycle because I just didn't know any better yet. I got it all cycled and going along, double filters, PWC of 30% every week, keeping my nitrates around 10 and my ammonia and nitrites are 0. And still my fish die. Not all of them, but I'm just starting to grow weary of all the death. 2 out of 6 danios got that thing where they just get so skinny and then die, a couple platies just up and died and then 2 cory cats.

    I've been filling my tank up really close to the top because so much evaporates in the dry winter air, could there be a lack of oxygen in the water because the filters aren't agitating the water as much? Should we get a bubble curtain?

    I just don't know what to do any more.

    My current fish:
    4 zebra danios
    1 male and 1 female platy
    1 panda cory
    1 juvie bushy nose pleco

    Any words of encouragement? Am I just to faint of heart to be doing this fish keeping thing?

  2. Default

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    how do you acclimate new fish?
    what size is your tank?.

  3. Default

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    I have a 20 Gallon Long. These fish weren't new but I typically drip acclimate them.

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    did they die all at once or over the period from august until now?

  5. #5


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    Sorry for the loss of your fish. I am a new aquarist also. Do you have a glass top on your tank? I am in the Chicago area, also with dry, cold winters and my 75 gal has no evaporation at all. I have the glass versa tops made for my Aqueon tank. Without them, I would be afraid of my fish jumping out and I'm sure evaporation would be a problem.
    Last edited by gronlaura; 01-25-2013 at 10:07 PM.
    75 gal - Smudge Spot Cories, Silvertip & Pristella Tetras, Scissortail & Red Tail Rasboras, Pearl Gourami, Black Kuhli Loaches, Whiptail Cats, Wild Caught BNP
    Dual 29 gals - Diamond Tetras. Harlequin Rasboras, Bloodfin Tetras
    10 Gal - Mr. Betta's Fishy Paradise

    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain"

  6. Default

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    Were the deaths from fish that were in there from the beginning?

    Ammonia and Nitrite spikes even short term can shorten the life of fish. Especially in the case of fish cycling since you can only do so much to help control the parameters.

    If they came after it was cycled, it could have simply been a sick fish to begin with and would have died in a week or two no matter who took care of it. It happens.

  7. Default

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    They died not all at once, but one here and there over the course of a couple months.

    I have a black plastic top with the hinge that opens up and the plastic partitions cut out of the back for the filters/heater etc. Still, at least a gallon of water evaporates between a weekly water change.

    Maybe I'm not being rational, maybe fish die more frequently and I just have to chock it up to nature taking it's course. I had the 2 corys since September -ish because I wanted to be sure the tank was done cycling. I just feel like other people's fish live a longer time than mine? Growing up my mom had a 25 cent feeder fish that she kept, he lived for 11 years. My cories can't live past 4 months?

  8. Default

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    and also when cycling with fish you have to very carefully add new fish. because the cycle you have done is only enough bb for the amount of fish you cycled with. so each new addition the bb has to catch up. so adding too many fish at once can result in deaths over the first couple of weeks

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    Did you treat preventatively with medications during the quarantine? Some fish can harbor internal parasites for a long while before showing symptoms, and one of the symptoms of internal parasites is getting skinny and wasting away. Assuming you did not treat with anti parasitical medications during the quarantine, some parasites could have gotten past your quarantine period to kill your fish later.

  10. Default

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    How often and how do you feed your pleco?

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