Hi Everyone,

I started this journey back in August of 2012, my 20 gallon long, trial by fire and a with fish cycle because I just didn't know any better yet. I got it all cycled and going along, double filters, PWC of 30% every week, keeping my nitrates around 10 and my ammonia and nitrites are 0. And still my fish die. Not all of them, but I'm just starting to grow weary of all the death. 2 out of 6 danios got that thing where they just get so skinny and then die, a couple platies just up and died and then 2 cory cats.

I've been filling my tank up really close to the top because so much evaporates in the dry winter air, could there be a lack of oxygen in the water because the filters aren't agitating the water as much? Should we get a bubble curtain?

I just don't know what to do any more.

My current fish:
4 zebra danios
1 male and 1 female platy
1 panda cory
1 juvie bushy nose pleco

Any words of encouragement? Am I just to faint of heart to be doing this fish keeping thing?