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  1. Default Vallisneria, fertz + shrimp

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    My tank is around 29 gallons (110L) and today I put in it 5 bunches of Vallisneria. I also got some plant fertilizer in the form of JBL Ferropol.

    Now, I was wondering as I have amano shrimp should I follow the recommended dosage on the bottle or shall I reduce what I put in? The store owner said this fertilizer is shrimp safe but it does contain trace amounts of copper which is worrying me.

    27 Gallon planted: Super Dragon Betta, Neon Tetras, Honey Gourami, Rummy Nose Tetra, Checker barbs, Bolivian Ram, Otocinclus, Amano shrimp, Assassin snails.

    75 Gallon Reef: Ocellaris Clownfish pair, Firefish, Royal Gramma, Bangaii Cardinal, Midas Blenny, Coral Beauty Angelfish, Cleaner Shrimp, 18+ crabs and snails

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    Here people say this fert is safe for shrimps and amano particularily

  3. Default

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    You are absolutely fine with dosing the standard amount. You would need to overdose more than 100 times to do any harm the copper level is so minute. The same holds true with the other "big name" ferts like Flourish Comprehensive, Trace, etc.
    Last edited by jeffs99dime; 01-25-2013 at 04:40 PM.

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    by the way, val is an undemanding plant, no need for ferts, IMHO

  5. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allesgut
    by the way, val is an undemanding plant, no need for ferts, IMHO

    + 1 there.


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    The ferts will be fine for the shrimp and +2 on the vals being easy. But of course, the ferts wouldnt hurt lol.

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