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  1. Default adding german rams to my other fish stupid idea?

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    i really like the german blue rams... really wish i looked at all different kinds of fish before i set up tank so i could of got the ones i really wanted although i still like the ones i got but anyways.. i have 2 mollies 1 pleco 2 tetras 1 cory cat and 2 danio dangilas...would it b a very bad idea to add a pair or 2 of german blue rams to my 45 gallon
    20 gallon- platies, dalmation mollies, cory cats, red belly x ray tetras,gourami, african dwarf frog

  2. #2


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    Ya, you can have rams. You might even want to move the fish you have in the 20 gallon to the 45 gallon and keep the rams in the 20.

  3. Default

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    well i actually moved some of those fish from 20 to the 45 and got rid of the 20 and then got a few more...but i am excited to find out i can keep gbr with my other fish
    20 gallon- platies, dalmation mollies, cory cats, red belly x ray tetras,gourami, african dwarf frog

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    make sure your tank is well established and you keep really good condition of your water.

    german blues and electric blues are fairly sensitive to any fluctuations in your water parameters.

  5. #5


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    I would first get more of your schooling species which are currently in inadequate numbers(tetras, cory, danios). if you still
    can accomodate rams, then you will likely have to rehome the cories because they can't stand the higher temperatures that rams will
    want. or else go for bolivian rams, which will do well at normal community temperatures. they aren't as gaudy as blue rams, and are drab as juveniles,
    but still are very beautiful in their own subtle way.

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