In the next few weeks I hope to get started on my fishroom for breeding angels and I'm trying to get my good ideas and bad ideas sorted out. Lol

My thought right now is to have a rack per pair of angels and each rack will have the 29g for the pair, 2-3 20g or 29g, and 2 55g for grow out. I started thinking about water changes and heating and thought it would be great to heat all the tanks at once and to only have to pull water from one tank instead of six come water change time. Especially where the plan is 3-4 of these racks.

My main goal is water changes. Anything after that is second. Not even woried about filtering. I plan on running sponges in the tanks anyway.
Is there a way to set something like this up so all the tanks wil get a water change at the same time? I've looked at a lot of the auto water change systems online and they are all still independant changes so not quite what i want. If I'm ging to have to do them seperate might as well just keep using my python. I have a hard time with standig for long periods so the faster i can do larger water changes the better. Being able to just deal with one of the tanks would be ideal for me. A cane or walker and a python is a complete pain in the...... rolling chair is awesomness! Lol

Now to make things difficult... none of my tanks are drilled and I really dont care to drll them at this point if I dont abolutely have to.
So thats the challenge... a multi tank central syphon like water system. With no driling.

I know central water systems have their cons. Each rack will be on its own system. So if something goes wrong on the one pair and related fry will be effected. The pro for me is that the water will be exaxtly the same from hatch to grow out. No shocking fry when going from tank to tank.

So.... does this go into the good or bad idea column? (Or the you're out of your bloody mind... lol)
Thoughts, ideas, comments all welcome
Thaks all!