I've decided to add a neon dwarf gourami to my 20g planted community.

Before I do though, I want to make sure it's planted enough for him. Please pardon the relatively poor photo quality, as the only camera I have at the moment is a toddler, Fisher-Price type. Also, most of the neon tetra there are hiding, so don't worry, it's a relatively proper school. ;)

Plants include 2 amazon sword (yes, I know they get huge and will need attentive pruning in my setup) - one in each corner. There's anubias scattered around the driftwood. There's also some aponogetons to the side, and a wall of java fern in the center. Floaters include giant duckweed, anacharis (which I'll probably remove), and some impending frogbit -- it's currently on its way to me in the mail.

Is this good enough?