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  1. Default feeding frozen foods

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    What is the best preparation method to feed frozen foods? I know its important to vary a fishes diet, and I have been, but mostly with freeze dried foods. So I bought a pack of freeze dried brine shrimp. I cut a cube in half and just dropped it in my tank. After which, I thought maybe its not safe for fish to eat food that cold. Is this method ok? How do you all feed frozen foods?

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    I usually put the frozen food in a cup with a little bit of tank water and dump it in when it is thawed. It only takes a few minutes.

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    +1 to the above

    I will do the same thing, but I will also add a liquid vitamin additive which is said to soak into the frozen food making it a little healthier for the fish
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    I do the same as kingfisher, apart from I try to drain the thawed liquid, so I'm only adding the actual bloodworm/daphnia/brineshrimp. No point just dumping bloodworm juice into the tank, won't help anything
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    Alrighty, that's what ill do from now on. I hope I didn't harm the fish at all by just feeding it cold food. What would you all say is the best frozen food? Brine shrimp seem to be mentioned quite a bit which is why I got them. Are bloodworms more nutritional?

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    Everything I've read makes it seems that brine shrimp are better then blood worms.

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    I dont know if one is more healthy than another, but I continue to feed a variety.

    My fish usually get two frozen food meals a week, 1 of blood worms and 1 of spirulina brine shrimp. I get a cup of tank water and set a half a cube in the cup and swirl it around until it is fully thawed and then slowly pour into tank. Outside of that I feed twice a day of fish flakes (mixed between carotenoids, krill, and spirulina). Also once a week I put some cucumber or zucchini in there for them to nibble on. I find that freezing the veggies and then thawing in hot water softens it up for them fairly well.

    Also, for smaller fish like tetras, some of the brine shrimp can be too large for their mouths. I find getting a knife and shaving 1-2mm layers off the brine shrimp frozen cube creates smaller chunks of shrimp meat for the tetras to feast on.
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    I feed frozen blood worms or frozen brine shrimp once a week as well. I just stick a cube in a small paper dixie cup and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Then I add a little tank water and it's almost an instant thaw.
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    I feed bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia mixed up over the course of the week. I melt a cube in a cup of tank water then strain the liquid off using a fine fish net over the sink then into the tank it goes.

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    +1 for straining the liquid. I use alot of cubes and the liquid can get nasty looking.
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