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    I'd up the schools of what you already have like to 15 black neons, 15 harly rasboras and if you want another species, a school of rummynose or cardinals "or" neons or cherry barbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homemadepopcorn
    Looked up the dwarf chain loach, read that it is peaceful and only grows to 2.5 inches, maybe we're talking about different things...? But this loach:

    Dwar Chain Loach

    would be appropriate.
    Those look really really cool!!!! Wow those look cool... Can't believe how cool those look...
    EDIT: Are they the same things as Yasuhikotakia Sidthimunki? And Lady Hobbs, would I then have to forego dwarf cichlids and bottom dwellers?
    Last edited by Greentoads41; 01-23-2013 at 01:44 AM.
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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    I have kept kribs, apistos, bolivian rams, german blue rams.

    Apistos were the most sensitive to water conditions, they pretty much need a pH of less than 7. GBR's were second sensitive and can manage in my experience from 7.2 or less. Bolivians are pretty hardy and ph isn't all important aslong as its less than 7.5. Kribs I have successfully kept and bred kribs in a pH of 6.5 and then in 7.8
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Cool then! You also suggest getting just a male krib. Why not a pair? I am not looking to breed, but I would think they might kinda feed off each other's energy or something, making 2 more lively than just a solitary one. Also, on this site, It says a cockatoo apisto would be ok in higher pH in the others, but yes, the rest require pH much lower than what I have. Also, On this site it says cockatoo apistos would be ok in higher pH, but, yes, all the others need a lower pH than I can supply.
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    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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    Ove kept cockatoos, and apisto agassizii, both really need a pH around 6.5 in my experience.

    I only say a male as breeding kribs can be pretty sore on other fish, especially cories, my 2 kribs in a 42G managed to beat up a school of 10cories. Males are pretty active so you wouldn't need to worry
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Very good to know. Is their behavior similar in that to a gourami?
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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    They all stay in the bottom half of the tank, where as gouramis are more all over the tank.

    All dwarf cichlids can be territorial however they don't generally persistently chase fish like gouramis do. Unless they are in a tank which is too small or overstocked so their territories overlap

    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Just a quick interjection, you should consider that adding a bunch of different species to a tank sounds exciting, and it is, but it can get a little frustrating later on. I know because I've done exactly that and ended up with a tank containing way too many species. Give some intense thought to what you want to be looking at.

    Other than that, good luck . And yes, those little loaches are very cool looking.

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    Yes @homemadepopcorn, I know exactly what you mean. I have been good about choosing species for my 30 gal, but My ten gallon has had that happen before on multiple occasions. Most recently, I have 4 scissortails with 2 glowlight tetras and 1 emerald green cory cat. It's peaceful and pretty, but it's an awkward situation, and I find myself wanting a school of glowlights with no scissortails. The scissortails get in the way though, and I don't think I can do it now. A perfect example of ending up being stuck with fish.
    @scottish fish, thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know.
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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    No probs, always happy to offer some advice
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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