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  1. Default Equipment questions

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    So from researching on here a bit, I've gathered info on what I need to get started. I have been wanting to start a tank for a while now but my local pet store "Pet Supplies Plus" is running a sale, one dollar per gallon fish tanks and one dollar tropical fish. I know how sketchy this stuff can be so I am being skeptical. I already have my tank (30 gal) so I won't be buying my tank from there. But is there something fishy (sorry for the pun LOL) about one dollar tropical fish? Anyway, I am also wanting to know if a dresser would be an OK place to put this tank? I know it isn't ideal...but would this cause any complication for the fish? I live in a small apartment and I could make the room but it would look really nice on this dresser and would be a little less trouble. I plan on doing live plants with tetras, danios and a few corys. Am I on the right track? And my main concern is brands...should I stay away from pet store brands and buy stuff online?

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    A full 30 gallon tank can weight close to 300 lbs. That would be the deciding factor for me

    Unless you know your dresser can handle that much, I would suggest a tank stand for your tank.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    There's a store near me that sells several varieties of tetras and danios for $1 each and Petsmart occasionally has $1 tropical fish sales and that's the only time I buy them. Since I've started drip acclimating my neon tetras from Petsmart I've yet to lose any. Before drip acclimating it wasn't unusual for me to lose several within the first 24 hours.

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    Well, I just bought a wall mount for my tv so now my tv/stand will be out of the way and I can just go ahead and do the stand. So no suggestions on brands to stay away from while buying filters, pumps, heaters, conditioners, etc??

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    I can give you suggestion of ones that are good

    For canister filters: fluval, rena, and eheim
    For HOB filters: Aquaclear
    For heaters: Rena and Hydor
    For conditioners: Pime

    You can also veiw product reviews by many forum members here in our equipment review section (link below)
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

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    Just FYI, I think Fluval recently bought out aquaclear, the filter is exactly the same, but you would be looking for "Fluval" brand on the box.

    Also, the best chemical to use for dechlorination is SeaChem Prime. it also helps to de-toxify other cheicals in the water like ammonia and nitrites for 24 hours until the beneficial bacteria can consume it.

    Please make sure to read up as much as you can on cycling your tank.

    There is nothing wrong with $1 fish, I buy them all the matter what the price is, you want to get a good look at the fish before you buy. try to look for any signs of stress or sickness, bacterial fin rot, swimming sideways, red splotches on the scales, or lethargy. Some of the hardiest and best fish in my tank only cost me $1, and some of the weakest fish cost me $8.

    Dont forget to double your filtration for tank size. If you have a 30 gallon, get a minimum of a 60 gallon filter rating. Aqauclear/Fluval HOB filter is good becuase you can control your media. It comes with a stackable set of sponge filter for your mechanical filtration, ceramic bio cylinders for your biological filtration, and charcoal for your chemical filtration. May I suggest for your tank the Aqua Clear 70. Its relatively inexpensive at $40, and is good for your tank. I will warn you that it has a high flow rate so it creates a decent current in the tank. if you have fish that like current, great! If not, then I used a 2-liter soda bottle to redirect the flow and diffuse the current some.
    55 Gallon Freshwater Tank (semi-planted) 48"x21"x13"

    Video of 55GAL Tank - DEC 2012

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    +1 with everything recommended above - best to get recommendations for what you SHOULD buy rather than what to stay away from.

    One other thing is to get yourself a good test kit - most members use the API freshwater which tests for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates & pH (both high and low) - that's all you really need. Once you read about cycling, you will be on your way. I also purchase fish on sale - why spend more than you have to on common aquarium fish?

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    BTW, judging from the store name you live close to me...

    If you want any help or advice I can let you know some good local places to go.

    Warning about pet supplies plus though, at least the two I have gone to, they typically have fish at the same quality as walmart... BUT petsmart and petco usually are ok for cheaper fish (tetras, barbs etc) and they may price match if you can grab an add from Pets Supplies plus.

    As for supplies, don't buy the supplies water treatment from the big box stores, order online or from a ma/pa local fish place, I have noticed petsmart etc have very expensive water treatment supplies for the good brands, while the cheap stuff they have isn't any good. (just my .02)

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    I am also new to fishkeeping. Got all my equipment & supplies (not the tank) online from and Great prices at thatpetplace - what they didn't have, I ordered from Drs. Foster & Smith, also competitively priced. Excellent service & shipping from both and they both have free shipping available -that pet place for orders over $99 and Drs Foster & Smith for orders over $49. When you have made your equipment choices try to consolidate as one large order to take advantage of the free shipping - it can provide really big savings. There are also other good online vendors. I chose these 2 as they carried the items I wanted at great prices and had free shipping.
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