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I am not sure that raising the O with smaller fish is going to help much [Depends on the Oscar] but you will know inside of a year because he will be able to eat much smaller tank mates long before then.
what i mean is that rising the Oscar with small fish that are suitible tank mates for him not add a oscar wait 3 years for him to grow up and then add an adult JD or firemouth.

Start with adding young oscar with young firemouth/JD to start with so they are raised from a young age to adult with each other.

The Fluval 406 has nothing to do with the oscar if i do get me an oscar i'm buying another tank with a Fluval fx5, thats a 400 gallon filter for a 142 gallon tank so the filter is not the problem.

Please forget about the 99 gallons and the filters i'm using it has nothing to do with the topic really,
This topic is all about research will the tank i planed on getting for my oscar work, what tankmates work good in this tank with an oscar and how they are. This is whats important not about my other tanks since the oscar are not going near them unless in emergencies like his tank breaks or such.