Hey i really want to get me an Oscar but i know they become huge, I don't have a tank to fit an oscar now only 2 99 gallon tanks but in the near future im going to buy me an approximately 142 gallon tank, can an adult oscar live in this size tank?

length 59 inches
width 23 inches
depth 23 inches
Gallons 142

these are rough estimates of the tank size (i use cm not inches were i live so i had to calculate cm to inches)

I also want some tips on tank mates for an oscar for this size tank, i would like to keep 2 oscar but i believe the tank is to small for 2 male oscars (going to buy oscar fry not full grown so might get 2 males if i buy 2 read it's hard to see what gender a oscar are and i don't want to take the chance to get 2 male to have them kill each other off when i have had them for a while)

Thanks in advance