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Thread: Prison

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    Angry Prison

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    Today I had to sentence my new dwarf gourami, Moon, to two month solitary confinement. After he has done his time he will be deported to the local fish club where he will begin rehab with a hardcore hobbyist.

    I got The DG about two weeks ago. He was doing fine the first week, but now he has decided to be a tyrant. He was bulling all the fish in the tank. I had him in a lightly stocked, moderately planted 20 gallon. I drew the line when he started going after my precious oto cats. I decided to move him before he kills anyone. If you are wondering why I didn't return him to the LFS, it because they do not take fish back. Anyways he will find a better home at the club meeting. Why wait until March you ask, cus we don't meet in January and February.

    He seems to like his jail cell. It's a very very low tech 10 gallon. No substrate or gravel and no light fixture. It's near a window so he will be enjoying the sun. It has an internal fluval filter and a 50 watt heater set to 80 deg F. For enrichment purposes I put in a piece of driftwood for Moon to inspect.

    The tank is on an end table. Please excuse the clutter.

    He seems pretty happy in there. He just cruise around. Please excuse the air bubbles.
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    Hard to believe they can be such tyrant's. I kept a pair (yes they were still selling females than) back in the 70's, in a 5 gal tank, believe it or not, with no problem.
    I guess I just got lucky.
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    Sure are a lot of bubbles in there.

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    Hehe I've had that happen to me. Never really know the temperament of a fish until you add it to a tank and see how it interacts.

    You could add in a ceramic pot lying on it's side for him to hide out in to feel a bit more secure.

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    Yea im going to add a pot in there. I have to go buy one. Yea, before i bought him i did research and I knew this might happen. I only got him because i knew i would be able to seperate him if need too. I rolled the dice and lost this time
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    Sounds like a regular DG to me
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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