Wasn't sure if I should post here or in technical -

Does anyone have experience with SpectraPure RO/DI water systems?

Their CSPDI 90 gph manual flush system has been recommended to me. I am currently buying my R/O water - it would be great to have my own source. I spoke to a technician at SpectraPure yesterday and gave him my tap water parameters. He said that because of the 1.0 ppm ammonia I would need the RO/DI instead of just an RO system. He said the 90 gph unit would serve me very well. Link to specs -


I have a 75 gal FW, will be doing 30% WC each week (22.5 gal). Looking at 9 neon dwarf rainbows, 8 pristella tetras, 6 scissortail rasboras and 8 peppered cory cats, possible 1 BN cat down the road.

Any opinions or advice?