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    Thank you all for the time you are taking for me and my questions.
    I heard about almond leaves when researching the need of bettas and discovered it is largely used by breeder and have antiseptic property.
    My question is
    if there is no disadvantage on using it on a healthy betta, there might not be any advantages either and might reduce the effectiveness of it should i have to use it on infection prevention someday (like you are doing tiari)?
    What do you think about adding marbles (glass ball play thing) of various color for things to check out and replace them from time to time?

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    I will let someone else more knowledgeable comment on the almond leaves. But if you want to add some glass marbles to try out then I don't see why not. The worst that happens is the betta doesn't show interest in them and they hang around for aesthetic reasons. Just make sure they aren't painted or anything. I have used the colored ones though and have had no issues. Your betta will enjoy having things to check out either way.

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    There is no detrimental effect in using almond leaf with healthy Betta. In fact, they tend to love it. Apparently, it acts to make the water much more like its natural habitat, including the mild tint to the water. Many Betta become EXTREMELY happy when it is introduced, although it is not required to have a happy healthy Betta.

    In my own opinion, I would actually only advise it's use if your Betta has issues, and regardless of a clean well kept habitat, it shows displeasure, has a habit of biting its own fins, is prone to bouts of fin rot regardless of tank maintenance, or is a chronic "pacer". It seems to help restless and depressed Betta. Some Betta (I have one, good grief) that are just neurotic. It does have antiseptic properties, and along with a weak aquarium salt solution is a good maintenance treatment for a Betta prone to recurrent attacks of fin issues.

    If you use whole leaf, and not an extract, keep in mind it will need to be replaced regularly. As organic material, it will break down and if left too long can actually contribute to dissolved organic waste in the water and ammonia.
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    How would you conclude that a Betta is restless or a chronic pacer?
    Just asking because Jippy is our first Betta and I never saw him laying for a nap. He is funny he is always coming to the glass when he sees us and pace back and forth by the glass just like he is showing off and interacting but not flaring
    Is it a sign of loneliness and he would like some tank mates?

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    Bettas are accomplished people-watchers. They like knowing what's going on. Yours might just be curious.

    The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of the act

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    Where is Jippy's tank? If you ever want to/have space, he'd probably like it if he were in a part of the house where you and your family are a lot.

    I have two(OMG two...I'm absolutely crazy)tanks in my kitchen, not near food prep areas or anything, but they're right there on the counter. My two PK boys love to watch us. They also get a lot of interaction with us because they are right there, and easy for us to see/talk to/ etc.

    Jippy sounds fine IMO. This is just an enrichment idea. I'd be more worried if he just sat around all day...movement is a good thing, as long as it isn't tail biting or flaring or whatnot.
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    My advice: slow down, think, and be willing to learn. Then you'll be fine, no matter what.

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    + to Bethy. I've found that bettas seem to be very social fish. Mine always comes to the front of the tank when I come near it. Of course, he's looking for food but still, he's very reactive to people. So much so that my hubby asked me to move his tank into his TV room so he could see more of him LOL
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    Jippy's tank is in my living room like the other one, where the family gather to read and play, high up though as my 1.5 year old can get exited sometimes, my hubby isn't in fishes but he likes the fact that I do so all is good.
    I don't seem to be able to find some frog bit for cover but grabbed some wisteria for background today. hope to have everything done this week-end. Will see...

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    It's not just about being social... it's also the betta beginning to associate humans with FOOD. So, it's also a begging behavior.

    As far as IAL, I use them regularly in my betta tanks. I also add driftwood without boiling it because bettas really like darker water, plus it can soften the water slighty. You will see more natural behavior from your betta if their surroundings are darker, with plenty of caves and plant cover. :)
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