Hello all, I bought a Black Convict from a local fish store recently, the poor guy was jammed in quite a small tank(2.5-5g depending on how elongated it actually was) with roughly 7 other smaller black convicts, and 6 red parrots. He looked like a normal black convict to me, male, so I got him and brought him home. Took him some time to get use to his new home, as well as pellet foods. In time, roughly three weeks he began to show his colors, though his strips were more of dots. He, well he was not like any convict I have ever owned, and as a kid I had many of them, mostly black and pink. Two more weeks have passed after that and now he has his strips, and a few added colors I am not use to when it comes to a convict, let alone a black convict.

Not the best picture I know, but all I have is a phone camera to take them. He has a red tail (best seen in the third picture) small amounts of blue on his neck area/gills, and oddly enough, a reddish line running down his center to his tail. The line does not always show, while the rest show very often if not always. Could not get a pic of the line, was hard to get the blue, its in the second picture, can barely see it, will enlarge the pic if need be.

From what little research I have done it seems that he is either a Honduran Red Point, or a hybrid of it with a black convict. Thing is, he is very aggressive, even holding off the parrots 2 at once, even though he is no longer in the tank with the much bigger fish he still shows high aggression levels.

He is currently in a 15 gal, to be moved to a 30 gal when he gets bigger. Current tank has some plants(that amazon sword is his best friend, it gives him shade, and its food), 3 ghost shrimp left in there (tank cleaners and snacks) and recently, not even a week ago, a Chinese algae eater (will be removed if need be, though for now it is actually taking care of the algae). Would say his length is an inch and a quarter- an inch and a half roughly. Tank hovers between 74-76F, the levels I am unsure of at the moment. If any other information is needed please let me know, and thanks for any help.