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You're going to attempt and deny the sarcastic tone of this? Give me a break. Like I said, I welcome constructive criticism but I don't need to be patronized. I can upgrade tank sizes if necessary, but didn't think it was based on the other information I had been given.
One of the things you should be aware of on this forum is that if someone in a LFS gives poor advice, we will be the 1st people to tell you that - we don't work there and aren't losing any income by telling you what is wrong.

Our main concern is taking what you post and inform you what needs to be done differently so a fish doesn't need to hide.

We will tell you if a fish needs a larger group, whether there needs to be a certain ratio of males:females, what is the minimum tank size for a particular fish, etc. - all because we like to see people be successful in their fishkeeping - and learn before asking fish store employees for help.