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    Default Bristle Nose, Thin spikes vs forked spikes?

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    So I've had these two BN's for this last year. They appear to be in the 4" range and have developed nicely. Both have great personalities and from the beginning I've enjoyed them growing.

    Well come time to sex, it was apparent at that time judging by their faces I have one of each. Well, I'm not really completely sold on that anymore. (for all intents of purpose will call them male and female until told differently)

    Their faces are still very different, but the one I called the female has developed spikes on her face as well. And these spikes are actually longer than the male's. They go all the way up to the eyes and follow the lip line. Long-curvy-thin spikes. However the male has developed thicker, shorter, and forked spikes going all the way to the eyes and along the lip line (ones on the lip line appear reg. spikes).

    Behavior wise, I have this nice burly piece of driftwood that forms an Arc on the bottom of the tank, with a floor as well. I've often noticed the pair hanging about this and ripping their share of wood for their diet... no biggie and good snacking. Well I've also noted them burrowing under the floor of this piece of wood as well.

    This got me psyched!!! Was thinking here we go!!!
    Well, I see what I think is them going through the motions, but no wrigglers.
    I've noted very often though, other species like hanging out near the Burrow, appearing to be snacking. Well, if I have both sexes of BN and mating is going on, then the guilty snackers will be getting the boot really soon!!! Their specie is becoming jaded in my eyes for their already vicious appetite and massive breeding program. (No worries, I'm humane and their only being rehomed to my LFS soon--when I get up the time to do so)

    Anyways, what do you all think? Do I Got a pair or 2 of a kind?
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    In my opinion we need pictures pictures pictures
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    Given these skittish ones--it will be a chore to be sure

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    I'm really unhappy with these pics, but it's the best I could manage with what I had for a camera at this time. Like I said, their skittish ones today.

    Possible Male?
    Possible Male.jpgShot from behind tank of Pos Male.jpg
    Possible Female?
    Possible Female.jpg
    Shot of the driftwood and cave
    Good shot of Cave.jpg
    The burrow is under the bottom woody part, in the dark black part of the pic.

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    My understanding is that females have either no bristles or only short bristles around the sides of the mouth, not bristles going up the face, and certainly not long ones like both of yours are showing. So as far as my understanding goes, you have two males.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brhino
    My understanding is that females have either no bristles or only short bristles around the sides of the mouth, not bristles going up the face, and certainly not long ones like both of yours are showing. So as far as my understanding goes, you have two males.
    +1 Yep, Although it's really hard to see in the one pic due to the leaf.

    Also they like to spawn in REALLY tight places so don't expect any cave to do the job. I have a pleco cave in my 90 and I think it is far too big because I have literally never seen them in it.
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    I can't make out the 2nd one at all, but I agree the first is a male

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    I see a male in top picture and photo right under it. Can't see the other two photos well enough to tell anything.
    Those big old bristles are a sure thing.

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    So the burrowing is just going through the motions and I have both variations of spike bristles. Oh well.
    And don't complain too much on the leaf, LOL, was taken with a phone from back of tank, without any sight reference. Was lucky to even get the BN Was funny to see a leaf was hiding the money shot. It is the back view of first male. Only two BN's in the tank, multiple shots.

    I'll wait it out to see if any newbies show up, (just in case I have a masculine female) and if none ever show up in next half year, I'll see if the LFS has any more feminine looking BN's up for sale.

    And on a side note, very annoyed by the amount of green spot I saw in the pics... time for a new scrapper :(
    Last edited by bignellm; 01-12-2013 at 11:30 PM.

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    Almost impossible to make out from these pictures but have you considered it might be males of two different species? The common name "bristlenose" is used to denote anything from the ancistrus genus. There's more than 140 different species in there.

    Anyway, you could provide a cave or two. Various pottery artists make breeding caves but even half a stone flowerpot sometimes works. As said it needs to be snug

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