Hello again for another extremely interesting plant thread by Greentoads41. I ordered an anubias petite from Aquaticmagic in Malaysia on December the 23, and today it arrived. In the meantime, I read up on care, planting strategies, and overall requirements for this little plant. However, I still wanted to make this thread in order to be sure that what I am doing so far is correct, and what I plan to do is acceptable.
So when it arrived, I took it out (it was in really good condition actually) and attached it to a rock with a rubber band. The rock is only about 1 cm longer than the rhizome, I'd say. I tried my best to wrap the roots around the rock as a bit of encouragement for the nana. I then decided to put it in my silica sand substrate, high lit, low planted 10 gallon tank, as opposed to my low lit, wisteria dominant, gravel substrate 30 gal. That tank is a whole nother story, which I would probably elucidate if I could figure out how to submit another entry in my blog.
Anyway, I buried the rock + plant, with the rhizome still showing, roots and 90% of the rock engulfed in sand, and leaves pointed toward the light above. Now, project in the future, say, 2 months. What can I expect this plant to look like, and what maintenance will i probably need to do for it? Find it a bigger rock? Just sit it on top of the sand, instead of buried? I also heard this plant was algae prone because of slow growth, especially in high light, where algae will flourish in this low planted tank. Should I get an ottocinclus? Current stock is 4 scissortail rasboras, 2 glowlight tetras, 1 emerald green cory (actually brochis splendens) that I will soon either give away, or give him a school of 5 or 6 in my lightly stocked 30 gal. At least, that's the plan. Plans can change! Filter is aqueon 20, and an airstone. Water changes weekly. Parameters ammonia 0 ppm, nitrite 0 ppm, nitrate less than 20 ppm.