morning fish people,
i have 2 tanks, some of the bulbs are several years old, would like to upgrade/improve bulbs? the more i research/read the more confused i have become
on my 55 i have, 2 GE plant & aquarium bulbs
f40 wide spectrum in a shoplight
1 all glass aquarium bulb 32 watt
h.g. in a 55 gal strip fixture.
all 3 are 4 ft.
d.i.y. hood coming soon.
does this mean i have 2 watts per gal?
on my 29 i have, 2 ECOLUX plant & aquarium bulbs
f-20 20 watt wide wide spectrum
in a shoplight style fixture
1 lights of america F17 t8, 7800k
supposed to be 75 watts according
the package?
in a d.i.y. hood. all 3 are 2 ft.
does this mean i have 4 watts per gal?
any suggestions as far as new bulbs go would be greatly appreciated.
thanks, DOC.