Hey, I currently have a 300 Litre Cichlid tank and I love my cichlids but sometimes they just seem like a lot of work but I do want another fish tank, but something 'easier'.

I was thinking of maybe a 2 footer and I want a community tank and I was thinking of a bunch of male guppies for the centre piece or maybe a school of neon tetra's as I have always loved those little guys.

I love guppies, but not my tanks being infested with them! So I remembered that I saw somewhere while I was searching the web one day something about an all male guppy tank. Is it possible? Without any females there I guess they would have nothing to fight about but would they all get along together?

I am still undecided on the size tank but I know I don't want something to big and I think I would like a school as a centre piece.

I think as background fish I would have a few corys and a couple of balloon mollys too.

I just want to get some idea's from people, I want something that will be a great combination but fish that are 'easy' to care for.

I just miss having a tank of fish that I don't have to worry about expensive fish being eaten or attacking one another and finally have some beautiful plants again!