About two weeks ago my 18 year old son wanted his own aquarium. With the cash he had saved up we went to BigAls and he bought a 38 gallon kit with a nice stand for around $200.00. We got it home, found a place in his room (the basement of course), and removed the wall so we could run some wire and put in an outlet. Put the stand together, levelled it and added the tank.
Since I wanted to try my hand at a reef set-up, we drained my 55 gallon tank, used the gravel, slate, live plants and driftwood. After the tank had been filled with water using Prime to de-chlorinate it, we hooked up the two filters. One was my Fluval canister from the 55 gallon and the second was a new bio-wheel Marineland which came with the tank set-up. The filter floss for that filter came out of my HOB from the 55 gallon.

We added the fish from the 55 gallon that afternoon.

Here is the thing, all the fish have survived and there is no sign of any disease after two weeks. Beginners luck or has he actually been paying attention these last few years?

I watched his first water change last weekend and he preformed it like an old pro. I caught him tying some java moss to a piece of slate the other day. There seemed to be extra in my wife's Betta tank, lol.
He even bought a zucchini two days ago for the bulldog pleco.

Can you say proud Father.

I hope he has caught the bug for the long haul. Time will tell.