Basically I have stumbled upon an amazing lfs, that has the widest variety of cichlids I've seen to date. From electric blue Jack Dempseys, 5 species of Apistogrammas in male and female. Blue, red and yellow acaras, green terrors red terrors, at least 7 geophagus species and not to mention african species. They even have shell dwellers, same species FinalJenemba keeps.

And don't get me started on their Pleco range . . . . . They had at least 50 species, including L046, first time I've seen them in real life. 99 for a 1/2inch juvie

So, should I change my plan of breeding firemouths to breeding T-bars? My pH sits really steady at 7.5, filtered with a 600l/h sponge filter and a Juwel 406 canister. No plants, loads and loads of river stones, caves, bogwood. Oh and its my 48G I'm talking about here.

I've read they are easy-ish to breed and can breed on the substrate/large stones/wood.

One last mention, if anyone has any alternative cichlids I could try to breed in that tank I'd love to hear from ya, I'm sure this new lfs will certainly carry them.